Balco Outsourcing Solutions

allowing you to expand quickly.

learn about us

Our core industry focuses around outsourcing and being a service provider to a broad spectrum of industries.

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what we do

Our function is to ensure that your organisation’s management are free to perform their duties and are not overloaded.

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our services

We offer the following services:
A. Temporary Placements
B. Permanent Placements
C. Payroll Service

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a world full of possibilities

allowing you to expand quickly.

Temporary Placements

Balco Outsourcing Solutions not only offers a comprehensive labour broking service. We tailor make the service to suit our Clients needs.

Permanent Placement

We guarantee the best price and our terms and conditions are unique to the industry. Our policy is always one of negotiation with our Clients. Nothing is cast in stone.

Payroll Services

We do also offer a “stand alone” payroll service should the Client not wish to employ contractors. The payroll cost to Client is charged per payslip and therefore easy to budget for.

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